Thank you so much for Lucy Lu “Monkey”. As you know I had just lost my Blue Point “Moo” to a long battle with cancer and was pretty devastated. Getting Lucy Lu is the BEST think I could have done. She has the most wonderful temperament…she is playful and absolutely affectionate. She cuddles with me every morning and before bed each night. She is already chatty and has the most beautiful coat of fur I’ve seen on a Persian. She is truly a beauty and a joy to have around. I can not say enough about the temperament of a Persian… there is no cat in the world like one and I am so glad I found your website. Thanks for introducing me to the new love of my life!

Kathleen Ivers Florida

Hello Julie -

I have two wonderful babies running around my feet playing with piles of paper they think are much better than the many toys we have provided. Their personalities are just as you described. Our red boy now named Hunter is as playful and full of personality as we hoped. The little girl now named Lexie holds her own but is extremely sweet. They both are sleeping with us. She never leaves the bed all night. The funny thing is Lexie has bonded right on with my husband and Hunter with me. Go figure

We will send a few pictures and a full testimonial. We could not be happier. Today is our wedding anniversary and we decided they were our anniversary gift too each other this year.

Laurie and Keith, South Florida

Dear Julie,

First of all we really want to thank you for all the effort you made, and all the trouble you went through to help us getting our new babies over to Germany. This would have never been possible with anybody else! In the end everything worked just perfectly together =).

Now it is time to make a statement: Our 2 new family members are so AMAZING! Chocochano and Panna Cotta Flame felt great here with us right on from the first second we saw each other. They are so cute gorgeous little babies, we have never experienced something like that before. Choco, in my opinion, is one of the best, if not the best, Chocolate Smoke worldwide, and well our little torty girl Panna righthere is of course also outstanding and beautiful, but that is not all, the best is her sentient being, its just so lovely how she follows us every were looking out for danger =).

We are so satisfied to have them both here with us, we cannot thank you enough for everything you did.

Kind regards, David & Christine

Hey Julie -

Wanted to let you know how much we appreciate our adoption of Sam!! All I can say is, the boy was meant to be a part of our "funny farm family!!" Not only is he absolutely gorgeous, but he is such a sweetheart!! He comes up to us and rolls around onto his back so we'll scratch his tummy - he loves having the freedom of the entire house all day and all night. He fits right in with the other two kitties and the two boxers. Thank you for adding to the absolute joy they bring to our lives!

Chuck and Patty Sudano, Sebastian Florida

Hi Julie,

I want to thank you for my love Angus, he is everything I wanted and more. You followed through everything you promised us and we are extremely happy and in love with Angus. He came home and had no adjustment issues what so ever it is like he was born here and knew only us. Never had an accident, learned his food and litter places immediately. He has NO Fear of anything loves my Dalmatian and my princess Frosty, greets the door Loves all people a total lap cat, eats like a beast :)  watches TV, has found many favorite spots in every room, he even paws at me to put him on the desk so he can hang with me while I do EBay.

He really was groomed and socialized to be a loving family member and pet I couldn't be happier. He loves to be groomed and is completely relaxed when I trim his nails and clean his face, and we nick named him little Diablo crazy playful non-stop he is too much fun for words. He runs this house. I could go on and on he has so much personality.

Angus is beyond spoiled our lives revolve around him. Thank you for a happy ,strong, gorgeous baby. You breed with heart and smarts, and every one of your Persians is proof. I could have purchased from anyone but none would be as loving ,smart, strong and healthy. We are all very happy.

Brenda & Angus, Coral Springs FL

Julie is amazing!

What a wonderful lover boy fluff ball she has entrusted with us. Poseidon has personality plus, purrs without being touched, loves attention, does a bridge (curls his back up) while being pet and does a summersault as he comes back for more..and play biting? Think again, try play licking over and over again, not one bite, he will kill you with kisses.

I can tell Poseidon was pampered with love before coming home. He is a healthy lovable sweet kitty, and as tough as Julie can sound one would never guess how sweet her kitties are, as Julie really is. I have never had a kitten of this caliber in looks and personality.

Thanks Julie for being so wonderful to us and so understanding. Thank you for sharing such precious love with your kitties and their new families, for answering all my questions, and sending me all the pictures and taking such good care of Poseidon. I highly recommend a Crayola Cats kitty to anyone looking for their hearts desire, you'll be amazed how wonderful these babies are.a BIG WOW!....I am in Love.

With much Love, the Nikolov Family,Southern, Fl.

Hi Julie,

I just wanted to thank you so much for our sweet kitty, Tiara Rose. I have attached a picture of her and my daughter, Hailey. She is just the nicest quality cat. She has adjusted to our family very smoothly and she loves to sleep on a chair in my son's room. She also enjoys watching me work on the computer or sitting in my lap while I am on the computer. We all just love her, thanks again.

I also wanted to let you know how I really enjoyed working with you at Crayola Cats. From the first email that I sent you, you were so prompt at getting back to me and so honest about your cats. You made me feel really good about the great pedigree of my kitty and all about flying her to me, as I was nervous about her flying. Thank you so much for helping everything run so smooth and for getting me such a great cat. I can't wait for her to eventually breed and I can add her to my very small cattery.

Thanks again, Heidi Martin

Hi Julie,

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THESE WONDERFUL HEALTHY KITTIES.  They fill my life with joy & I can't imagine my life without them.  There are so many breeders that don't care about the health of their animals, but I KNOW YOU DO. You take such good care of them from the time they are tiny. You are a remarkable person.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.  We all love & respect you.  Thank you for the blessings you have given me.

All of us want pretty kitties & yours are beautiful beyond belief, but once we have them, we fall in love & what we really want is they live LONG happy lives. I know you can't promise that, but I believe you breed so that they have that chance. Again, bless you & thank you beyond words.

Love, Cynthia, proud owner of a few of your precious babies!!!

Dear Julie,

Since it's been a few years since my last testimonial, I thought I'd give you an update on how our little Bailey is doing. Bailey is just a little over 4 years old now. He is very active, very loving, very sweet, and demands attention at all times (and certainly gets the attention he demands, and deserves).

He is incredibly smart...and we even think he's beginning to form vowels! He just loves when new packages arrive because that means new boxes for him to play with! He adores small boxes and squeeezes himself into them and falls right to sleep. Recently he has discovered the television. He sits in front of it and just plays with the people in the screen for hours. If you turn the tv off...he circles the entire thing up and down, left to right, top to bottom, trying to figure out what happened. It really is the cutest thing ever.

We can't imagine our lives without Bailey. We just adored him so much that we had to adopt his little half-brother Pippin from you as well. Pippin is one year younger than Bailey and the two of them love to run around the house together. It is sooo precious when they take naps together and help each other clean their faces.

We can't thank you enough for these two wonderful cats. Since my last testimonial included a picture of me with Bailey, here is a picture of my older brother with him lounging on the porch.

Thanks so much again for Bailey and Pippin. And thank you for taking such good care of them when they were babies. It definitely shows in who they are today.

Sincerely, Layla

Bonsoir Julie,

Hope that this e-mail will find you at your best. I have here a picture of Matisse and I that you may want to put on line. Matisse is very well adjusted to his new life and we love him to dearly.

You have done a wonderful job with our "boy".

Thanks a million for everything.

God bless, Michele.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for bringing pure joy into my life. Matisse (a.k.a. Hugo) is everything that you promised and much more. His look and personality have no equal. He even managed to bully himself into my husband's heart.

You took the time to answer all my questions, even the ones not asked. Julie, you are what a cat breeder should be, and your kittens represent the best of the breed. I would recommend you strongly to anyone interested in acquiring a Persian.

God bless. Michele....Dunnellon Fla

Hello Julie,

I have to tell you how much we are enjoying our little kitten. Misty is so sweet and loving. She is already the Queen of this house. Its like she has always been here.

She has the best personality. It has just been a pleasure to deal with you. I feel like I can always call you with any questions I may have.

Me and my family want to thank you so much for her.

Mendy.. Arkansas


It was 2 weeks ago tonight that I went to the Philadelphia International Airport to pick up Confetti.

I previously had purchased Tinkerbell from you approx. 3 months ago. Once I got home of course they needed to sniff each other completely and Confetti did a house inspection. It was almost as if Confetti adopted Tinkerbell immediately.

They eat side by side. They sleep in close proximity to each other. They play together constantly, whether one chases the other all around the house or they get their toys and play with their feathers, string, ribbon and cat balls. They're non-stop. They provide constant entertainment for me.

I thought they would need a few days to become acquainted, to establish their respective territory and to feel comfortable together but it happened with in a few minutes. So not only are your Persians compatible with me and anyone who has visited with me they are compatible with one another which was most important to me. Both are beautiful Persians, both are very healthy and they're happy being here with me.

I accidentally stepped on Tinkerbell's tail the other night while getting for them. Tinkerbell shrieked and Confetti attacked my foot and leg. After she saw that Tinkerbell was ok and I told her I was sorry for the accident, she jumped into my lap and purred.

People I know have asked me if they can borrow them for a month or two. I feel that I have an almost complete Persian cat education simply for our telephone conversations. All that you have told me regarding your Persians is completely accurate.

You have my very highest recommendation for anyone considering the purchase of a Persian cat or tow or more. I have what is considered a high stress job. Tinkerbell and Confetti are perfect stress relief for me as I look forward each day to getting home from work to spend time with them.

You have my never-ending thanks for bringing them to me.

John, PA.


Before I had purchased Tinkerbell from you, I listened very carefully to all the information you had given me about her. Now that she has been with me for the first several days, I realize how incredibly gifted you are in knowing and understanding your cats and matching them well to your customers needs.

I REALLY needed her and I feel very fortunate to have her. She is the second cat I have adopted from you and all of your suggestions on caring for both cats, foods they need and enjoy, favorite toys and their interactions with other cats and their habits and their health have been completely accurate.

You have my highest recommendation for anyone looking to adopt a Persian cat. All of your cats are beautiful. Tinkerbell and Chancey are both full of fun, love to run and play and are a complete joy for me to have.

John, PA.

Hi Julie,

We wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying our new baby! "Max" is so comfortable it feels like he's always been here. He gets along so well with the 3 dogs and the other kitty Emmy. He's got the best personality. He's certainly the best early Christmas Gift ever.

Bill & Patti Ceccherini,Hollywood, FL

Dear Julie,

After 18 years with my beloved Lilac Persian, Corey (Bubba), I put out "feelers" to catteries all around the country and world. I wasn't sure I wanted another Lilac, as I felt I would be betraying Corey.  After you listened to me cry and sob for weeks, you brought me to understand that I was not "replacing" Corey, but having another to "remind" me of him and another to have as my beloved pet.

"Purple Passion", has become my "Little Man" and is so much a part of my household that I don't remember him not being there. He has many nicknames, like "Monkey Face", "Pumpkin' Head" and "Motor Boat Man" (because when he wants attention, he takes a running start and climbs up to my bench and onto the bed which is pretty high and starts purring LOUDLY, until he gets his attention for the day.

We are so grateful (Yes, even hubby is attached), that God and Corey blessed us with you and Passion!!!

Thank you again, Kim & Jim

Hi Julie,

To all who want to hear my great short testimony to Crayola Cats and Julie here it goes.

Through a series of unfortunate events "our Josephine "arrived in Atlanta to us. If it wasn't for Julie we would never be able to add such a "perfect" baby to our household. Not only is she absolutely beautiful she is mild tempered and sweet balanced with just enough mischief to keep us in stitches. We can't get enough of Jo and we were satisfied and contented.

But then came Stella from Julie "our little tiger", Josephine's sister and there was no going back. One look at that adorable face and we were smitten with another kitten. Stella is so cute and happy and lovable. She is the "purr machine". We love them and they love us and we all love Julie for breeding such wonderful babies and entrusting them to our care.

Warm Regards, Mandy and family

Hi Julie,

We just wanted to thank you for letting us adopt Onyx.  She is such a sweet soul with so much personally.  We love watching her play and interact with our other cat.  She loves to play and wags her tail non-stop!  Although we have only had her a short time, she is a huge part of our family and we can't imagine her not being here.  Once again, thanks for such a sweet girl.

Love, Jeannie, Trey and Conner

Hi Julie,

I just wanted to drop you a note ....thanks so much for another wonderful kitty!  Dora is great!  She is so cute and her personality is the BEST! You are such a pleasure to deal with, and your cats are amazing! I don't know how you do it!! When ever I have company over, they always comment on how beautiful and friendly my cats are!  I hope you have a great holiday season! I can't wait to get pic of the kitties in the xmas tree!!  Take care!!

Love, Janna Chiappetta

Hi Julie,

Its Edie, Peggy's daughter. Just wanted to drop you a line on behalf of my mother and I.  Precious is doing great! He is just what the doctor ordered. A loving playful friend for my mother and her tiny terrier Princess. Princess and Precious have the best time playing together like you said they would. Funny, Princess actually got really sad when Precious went to the vet to be fixed. I wanted to thank you for helping us with that as well as continuing to come over and groom them both for us whenever we need it. You have gone above and beyond the call of duty and are a woman of your word. If anyone I know needs a beautiful well bred well rounded kitty that comes from a clean, loving environment  I will send them your way. You have always been a true professional in all our dealings and we appreciate that.  Please know from all of us you are now a part of the family!

Thanks so much,
Edie Lacquer , Peggy Tredler [Aventura, Fla.]
& of course [Princess and Precious......]

Dear Miss Julie,

We thought we would let you know how we are doing in our new home.  Although we miss you terribly and are ever so grateful to you for bringing us into the world, we really, really love our new home and our new Mom and Dad!  Miss Julie, I (Mouchie) always think of you as my first kiss because you gave me the "kiss of life" when I was born.  If it had not been for you, I would not be alive.  Figgy "kisses" me too.  Even though she is tinier than me, she pins me down and "kisses" my head and behind my ears.  When she is not kissing me, she chases me terribly!  I am much heavier than she is, and it is hard for me to catch her.  Sometimes I sneak up on her though and give her a big fright!

Every night, we curl up with Mom and Dad and spend the night on their bed. Then it is competition time as Figgy and I see who purrs the loudest. At about 4:00am, we start licking Mom's hair. We are growing, so we need our breakfast and that is always a good way to wake her up. For some reason, Mom and Dad think 4:00am is too early. Not sure why...

We just wanted to let you know we are doing fine and think of you often! Everyone tells us what healthy, affectionate babies we are. We know we are gorgeous, but it is always nice to hear it. We credit you with that since you were our first Mom. Give all the other kitties a squeeze for us.

Much love, Figgy and Mouchie

Dear Julie,

We are making a wonderful adjustment. Little "Splurge" hasn't stopped playing for hours. The other three cats haven't even hissed at the little guy one. Right now he is ruling the roost. I am sure that Wally is going to really enjoy playing with his great nephew. I just have to say after receiving two of your great felines that you are tops. I have been to your place many times and it always amazes me how spotless everything is at your home. If people didn't know you ran a cattery, they would never guess that you had any animals. I only with my home could look as good as yours. I know how much you love these guys and I know how much love and care you put into raising them. God bless you for giving so many people such little purring hunks of love.

Love, Cynthia, Wally, Purrla, Faith and Little Splurge

Dear Miss Julie,

My dear "Romeo" is a black Persian whom I purchased from Julie before my 3 youngest children were born. Little did I know at that time Romeo would be the best big brother to all of them. He is so sweet and loving. I have a teenager, 3 yr old, 2 yr old and a 4 month old. Romeo loves to play with everyone and is always very patient and gentle with the younger kids. There was a time when I fostered stray kittens. Again, Romeo was the star by being kind and playful with the young kittens. He is one in a million, and we love him so much.

I would highly recommend Crayola Cats to anyone who loves cats, especially Persians, out experience with Julie has been wonderful, and we are extremely grateful to her for giving us out best friend, Romeo

Sincerely, Vicki and Family

Hi Julie,

just wanted to say thank you for my fur baby Cocoa...she is a doll. She is now one year old and so much fun! She follows me around the house all day and even runs to the door when she hears the doorbell. Maybe she is part dog! She is a water baby, love shower and the running faucets!!

I recently purchased Red Ryder for my brother for his birthday and I have to say he is such a fun cat. I babysat him for 2 weeks while my brother was away and I really didn't want to give him back! Cocoa and Ryder played really well together. I think I am ready to add another kitty to my house now that I saw how much Cocoa enjoyed having Ryder here!

Thanks again!! Love, Janna

Hi Julie,

The four kittens are so adorable and they just love to play. At first I was quite worried about them in such a long trip from Julie's home to Hong Kong, but when I saw them in the airport I was so relieved as they were so energetic and kept purring to me. Also Julie is very helpful in handling all the paper work, it was very complicated and took so much time to finish. Now I am so looking forward to see them the babies of these kittens in the future. Thank you Julie.

Sincerely, Kenneth

Dear Julie,

Thank you so much for Wally. He is a pure joy and a very large bundle of purring love. He not only is a gorgeous cat, but his temperament is as sweet as sugar. It was obvious from the first time I met you how much you love care for your kittens. It is also obvious that as a breeder you have developed a line of very healthy, robust and sweet kittens which is so important to those of us who are fortunate enough to have one of your beautiful animals. I can never thank you enough for bringing this fellow into my life. As I tell him all of the time, he is truly a wonderful, wonderful Wally! :)

Thank you so much, Cynthia

Hi Julie,

Phamtom has now been in Norway for 3 weeks. I'm quite sure he wonders how on earth he ended up in this cold country!  Well, it's not as cold as it use to be but anyway...  As the loving American he is, he has embraced his new life with such joy and playfulness. It's hard to believe he's close to 3 years old.  He plays like a kitten and has silly attacks like a kitten. He plays with my 5 month blue tortie Exotic shorthair girl. He really adores her but doesn't bother her or try to ride on her. He's truly a gentle giant. He has a wonderful temperament! If he just passes on half of it to his kittens, I will be thrilled.

Julie Beeman has made a dream come true. I am so honored that she chose to trust me with this amazing boy! In my eyes there is hardly any cat who can match his beauty or quality.

It has been a long frustrating process to ship him to Norway. Julie has been amazing all the way, she has fought paper mills and hurricanes in order to get him ready to ship. It has been a pleasure dealing with her. She is an honest up front lady, who tells it like it is. And I was very nervous about paying a great deal of money, to someone living in a country far away that I had never met! But, I didn't need to worry , Julie has totally kept her part of the bargain. I will most certainly buy more cats from her in the future. If she's willing to go through the process with me again. :) But I have also got something that money never can buy, a new friend!

Love from Heidi, Lotta and Phamtom

Dear Julie,

We are so crazy in love Napoleon! I can't begin to tell you all the reason why. He already responds to his name and reacts to my face and my daughter's when he come upon them. My older son said "thank-you" to me for the baby and my youngest said he loves "Po". He's quite the explorer, hops like a bunny and does crazy gymnastics. He also loves his paws rubbed and anytime you rub his head he falls fast asleep. I could go on and on and on and we've only had him two and one half days. Thank you for him and taking such good care of him.

Warm Regards, Mandy

Dear Julie,

Before I found my beautiful kitten I looked for a very long time, talked to dozens of people, looked at hundreds of cats. I have never met Julie, but talked to her many times, fell in love with one of her kittens and purchased her. The kitten is everything and much, much more than she represented, well bred, healthy, beautiful and an absolute delight. Julie has done everything she promised and this was money very well spent. My husband, a retired D.V.M., said honesty, with a good product and a fair price are hard to beat.

Warm Regards, Mandy

Hi Julie,

Your glorious girl is full grown and has had two hear cycles. I will spay her shortly, with regret, because not only is she absolutely gorgeous, but she has one of the sweetest temperaments I have ever been blessed with in a cat. One way she has amazed me is that unlike other Persians, she never sheds excessively nor does she mat, (as in ever!!) and her coat texture is silky and lush instead of cottey. She looks like a gray cloud with a sweet little face. She makes very little noise the only meowing I have heard from her has been the melodious "prrrmeowwwww?" during her heat cycles. She purrs. She kneads my stomach for five minutes, then turns around and settles down to sleep on my lap. Absolutely lovely. Truly a dream kitty. Please feel free to use me as a reference.

I hope to get you a picture as soon as my husband brings back the digital camera.

I hope that all is very will with you, and that your kitties are winning ribbons all over the USA.

Much Love, Moira Stern

Hi Julie,

I have to thank you again for this precious little girl. She's everything that we wished for. Thanks for all your advice and the bathing lesson when we came to see you. The way you take care of your babies is amazing. I'll still be checking your website often just to look at your babies. Emarose is starting to feel at home, and I think she's grown an inch in less then a week. Life revolves around what she wants to do. She loves to hide under the furniture and jump out at you when you walk by. She wants you to chase her and then she'll chase you back. She's also got that sidestep down pat now. She is truly special and we love her so much. We'll keep in touch Julie and keep doing what your doing because you make so many people happy.

Your friends Kim & Mike

Dear Julie,

I am so happy I found you. Ever since I was a little girl I always wanted a Persian baby, and you made my dreams come true. I couldn't have asked for more. It was such a pleasure dealing with you, and I would certainly consider adding another kitty to our family, and wouldn't think of dealing with anybody other than you. You clearly take great care of your cats.

Thank you again so much for the wonderful time and I look forward to hearing from you.

All the best, David and Gina

Dear Momma-Julie,

This little note is written to express our deepest appreciation. The warm and tender care you give to your babies definitely shows through in our baby Oliver’s personality. He is a wonderful baby and we are so happy with him; he immediately acclimated to our home and other pets without difficulties. Again, it shows your professional, yet caring attention for your cats. We also want to thank you for allowing us to visit Oliver as many times as we did. He was such a little one when we first met him and did not want to part from him. You opened your loving home to us and allowed us to visit him. We understand these are your babies and you trusted us with one of your precious ones. When we visited you, we were able to meet other future parents and immediately noticed you have an acute eye for good adoptive parents (we know how important this is for you). This incredible baby has brought a lot of joy into this happy home. Many of our friends have asked us where we found this beautiful baby and we happily recommended your cattery. Once more, thank you for our precious Oliver.

Always, Muro and Labadie family


I searched for months without finding a baby that I wanted. Fortunately, I came across your great website and my search was over! From the first time I talked to you I knew you were a professional and took excellent care of your kittens. I fell in love with Mr.Miyagi immediately when I first saw him. He is, without a doubt, the perfect cat! You did an excellent job raising him, and most of all his temperament is loving and friendly. I have had him for a couple months now and nothing has changed. He is the best investment I have ever made and has brought me so much happiness and joy! Thank you Julie for all your hard work, it has been a pleasure knowing you. I would recommend you to anyone who wants a beautiful, loving, and friendly persian.

Sincerely, Annie

Hi Julie,

I just want to thank you SO much for making my dream come true with "Opus". He is just more then I ever expected. He is so sweet and loving and I love when he kneeds-dough on my tummy! I thought I would die having to give him a bath my first time out, but he didn't even fuss. He was great and ended all my fears there too. He LOVES to play with the toys we got him, especially the long ticklers. His personality is tops! In meeting top show quality, he excels it! In being loving, he more then exceeds! I couldn't have asked for a finer feline puff of love! AND his COAT is enormous!! JUST gorgeously beautiful!! I am nearly positive he is going to sweep at the shows too! *smile with pride*. Thank you again! You have been there at every turn for every question and as a breeder you are TOPS!! I will keep in touch and make sure you know Opus is being loved, and he surely will be. I know he will keep loving us too.

Many Blessings to you, my personal dream maker!


Hi Julie,

My husband and I have developed the empty nest syndrome since our daughter has grown and gone. We have transferred all our love to our 17 year-old cat, Samantha. Sam is getting very slow and we realize that we will soon have to endure her loss. For this reason, we decided to acquire a new cat to help make the loss of our Sam a little less painful.

We searched the Internet for a breeder of Persian cats and found "Crayola Cats". What luck!!! Ever since we contacted you, our lives have been made richer. First, we adopted Gabriel, a beautiful seal point. After having Gabe for a few weeks, we had to get a sister for him to play with. Then, we adopted Alice, the most adorable white "puff ball" you have ever seen.

Your cats are not only the most beautiful ones we have seen, but they have the most wonderful personalities. We are having 'sooo' much fun. Gabe and Alice play together and with any toy we give them. They are affectionate and listen very well when they are corrected.

We commend you for your excellence in breeding and the smooth transition of our precious kittens to us. You have brought love and fun to our home and we thank you sincerely.

Barbara and Kirk Russell


I cannot say enough about the experience of purchasing our Dilly from Julie. Julie was very responsive and understanding to our needs and wants and always available for any questions that we may have had. Julie is excellent with her cats has the knowledge and experience that made us feel comfortable in making this addition to our family. We could not have imagined how great Dilly would be. This is obviously a product of the hard work and dedication that Julie puts into her cats. This is not just a business for her. Julie genuinely cares about and loves all of her cats, whether they are for show, sale, or for a pet home. You can see the love in what she does, and that love can be seen in all of her cats. We had such a great experience with Julie and with our Dilly that we are already on the list for our next kitten. Thanks Julie. You have really made a difference in our lives.

Rich and Amy Piva

Hey Julie,

Just wanted to thank you again for the beautiful, sweet and loving cat we got from you. We have enjoyed her so much since we got her. She has the greatest personality of any cat I have ever had. She loves to cuddle in the bed, sit on my desk while I am working and follows me around the house. She plays with my two dogs and my other two cats. My kids just love her to death as you can see in the picture I sent you. We even took her camping to Disney World! She is such a sport.

Thanks again! David


Thank you so much for Butter. He is so sweet. He loves to cuddle up on our laps and sleep. He sleeps with me every night. He’s the purrbox that you said he was. He fits right in to our family. It was amazing on how quickly he adjusted. He loves the dogs and they love him. It was such a pleasure dealing with you. You are very nice and care a lot about your cats. I look forward to purchasing another cat from you very soon. Keep in touch.

Thanks, Rachelle Henson, Kentucky


Hello there. I just wanted to thank you so much for my little babies Butter (cream), Patches (black/white), and Jet (Seal Lynx). They are such a joy to us. Butter just loves the new kittens. We don't even need to watch TV because they are such entertainment. They love to hang out in my room at night and keep me awake. I don't mind though because I enjoy them. They are still not to sure about my Saint Bernard. They are slowly but surely getting used to her. I'm going to have to come visit sometime to see all your babies. I've really enjoyed getting to know you. You really love your cats and want the best for them. I'll keep you updated as the babies grow. Thank you again for my babies. Keep in touch.

Rachelle Henson, Kentucky


I wanted to let you know that I truly love Zeus, the blue Persian that we obtained from you just about a month ago. He is so lovable. And, whenever we pick him up he just purrs away. I have always owned Persians and when I received him I was so excited. You were such a help and a wealth of information and friendly and so honest the months prior to receiving him and even now. I will be showing him this season and my son will be showing him the Junior Showmanship also. It was so obvious how much you nurtured and spoiled my baby before he came to me. He warmed up in our rowdy household in no time. We have three boys and a dog and he now teases our dog to no end, he is the one chasing the dog. I look forward to working with you more in the future when I purchase another Persian from you, my female for my breeding program. I also appreciate all the tips on grooming, grooming products, and many other friendly things concerning our new baby. You will always remain in our hearts for the first home of our rowdy boy, Zeus.

Lots of Love, Olivia Weerakoon, Laveen, Arizona


My family and I can't thank you enough for Bailey!! Relatives and friends just adore him, and in turn...he LOVES the attention. Everytime I take him to the vet, I get compliments on how beautiful he is, what a great and gentle personality he has, how wonderfully social he is...i walk away beaming like a proud mom! The care and love that you provided for him early in his life really shines through. Bailey brings such joy to my family, and you can be certain...there is never a dull moment in our house! Curiosity and energy are definatley not lost on this little monster! (we affectionatley refer to him as our little monster). :)

The constant contact with you in the adoption process showed that you really care for all the cats at Crayola, and you really helped to make our decision an easy one. We love baby Bailey more than words can can rest assured he is getting all the love and care in the world!

Thank you thank you thank you! Please keep in touch...

Sincerely, Layla

Hi Again Julie,

I wanted to thank you for trusting me enought to allow me to purchase my blue boy (Mr. Angelis) and the cream and white boy (Gizmo). I have received so many compliments from the staff where I take them to be groomed. People seem to instantly fall in love with them, they're so beautiful. They are growing so fast. Angelis is at least twice the size of Gizmo but so gentle. They are absolutely gorgeous and my entire family has fallen in love with them. We've had them altered as per contract. They're healthy and thriving. They're beautiful. Thank You so much for all that you've done for me.

- Sharon

Dear Mom,

Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know I'm doing well. I'm beginning to explore what my new mom calls "outside." Did you know they have this really weird green thing up here that they call "grass?" My new brother and sister -- well, not so new since I remember them from when they were itty bitty -- Brie and Storm, run around on it and try hide to in it. Brie especially seems to think she's some big furious tiger or something. Lame since it gets cut every once in a while so there's no way she can really hide in it, but it tickles our mom to watch her try so, what ever!

This big, huge, humoncous thing Mom calls a dog has also turned out to be a big push over. Had me wondering there for a while but yesterday Mom and I were playing a bit on her bed. I was holding her hand with my paws and kinda chewing on her nails -- just in fun -- when this big guy -- she calls him Amigo -- came up and started sniffing and nudging at me with his nose. Now there was a time that would have freaked me out, I have to admit, but I've got his number now. I just rolled on my side and looked at him. He seems to be thrilled to just sniff like he's memorizing me or something, then he goes on about his business.

I've been busy exploring my new surroundings. You know how that goes, a gal has got to know what's around her. Seems mom has an answering machine for her "private practice", whatever that is, in my favorite space in the house. It's kinda cool because when I walk across it just right, her voice comes out of it and then sometimes other different voices. She caught me the other day though. Seems that I accidentally stepped on the wrong button or something and erased her voice. Glad she has a sense of humor! The other voice on the tape kept asking if this was "Dr Maloney's office", and finally left a message saying that there was no outgoing message but she hoped this was "Dr. Maloney." When Mom called her back and explained what had happened, the lady thought it was really cool and made an appointment. (sigh) Sometimes Mom is a little slow but loveable anyway. Why doesn't she just say this is "Delilah's answering machine." Sounds good to me!

Anyway, life is going OK up here. Mom seems acceptable and I've decided she can stay. She does a pretty good chin scratch and when I feel in a loving mood she does a pretty fair job of understanding and providing some good cuddles. I'm not tense any more and am starting to feel pretty settled in. So, I guess I'll stay and keep an eye on things up here for you. Somebody has to teach Brie and Storm their proper place in the grand scheme of things so it might as well be me!

Just want you to know though, Mom 1st and best, that I'll always love you. Thanks for everything you did for me and thanks for making sure I had a good place to come live. I'm loved here, a lot, and that feels good. I'll do my best to keep all up here straight and in line. You take care of yourself, OK? And let us hear from you.

Love, Delilah

Dear Julie,

I wanted to write to tell you both how excited and priveledged we are to have 2 of your kittens join our family. They are more beautiful than in the pictures and their personalities are fabulous!!. It is very apparent by the loving way they interact with us that they have been handled lots and "loved to pieces!" We will carry on that trend in our home, there is 4 of us interacting and playing with them. Their coats are amazing and boy do they love to be brushed and PURR....! I instantly fell in love with them and as the days go by as they settle in they get more curious and more playful. We haven't decided on names yet, it will be either Bubba and Betty Blue or George and Gracie. We'll let you know. I plan to keep in touch and will be sure to bombard you with MANY questions about showing and caring for my new babies. Thank you for being willing to be my mentor. Your experience, quality and love for cats is very evident in my new babies.

It's a pleasure to have you as friends!! :) Bye for now, keep in touch.

Warm regards, Lynda, Len, Laura and Jonathan Robinson

Dear Julie,

You are the nicest breeder I have encountered. Your cattery is clean and your Persians are healthy, happy, and have the BEST personalities. Steven and I love our Max. Our family, friends, guests, and visitors adore Max, even those who hate cats go away wanting to take Max home with them. Max is a one-in-a-million dream cat; he’s soft and gentle, will give you kisses and yet he’s bursting with personality and energy. We love Max dearly. Thank you for putting so much time and attention towards Max, you can definitely tell that Max has been spoiled and well cared for.

It has been a pleasure getting to know you,

Arlene and Steven Chandler, Arizona

Hi Julie,

Here's that picture of Farrah on the floral chair. I just wanted to thank you again for Farrah. She is truly a special addition to my family. I can't tell you how many people have fallen in love with her. I think a comment my mom made sums it up well...."She is THE MOST GORGEOUS cat I have ever seen...she has femininity written all over her". And she has the sweetest disposition. I believe that the love and care that you gave her in her first 12 weeks of life really was the key to the wonderful temperament and personality that she has today. It was such a pleasure dealing with you. When I am ready to add another addition to my kitty family, I will absolutely want to purchase another one of your beautiful babies. Take care and thanks again!


Dear Julie,

I want to thank you for bringing my little ray of sunshine into my life. I have had Patchouli for almost a year now and she has been nothing but my little furry bundle of joy from day one! The excellent care and health of my kitten was very evident. She adjusted well to her new surroundings and loves interacting with the whole family. That is important because I have a smaller sister who is 9 all the way to my grandma who is 78 and my parents who are in their late forties. It was important that she get along with a variety of age groups to adjust well to her new home life. And what a relief to receive a healthy new kitten. I was very worried because of the long trip she made on the air plain to get here and the changing weather conditions. It put my mind at ease knowing that you made sure she was healthy taking her to the vet and also monitoring her while she was in your home. It also helped to ease my mind because of the daily contact over the phone or thru e-mail. I would recommend you to anyone I know is looking for a quality kitten. I also look forward to purchasing another kitten thru you in the future. Thank you again for everything you've done. Going above and beyond the call of duty.

It has been a pleasure getting to know you,

Jasmine Cloud

Dear Julie,

I would just like to let you know how my family and I absolutely love our kittens that we got from you. We get so many compliments, from family and friends to the Vet and Groomer, on how friendly and well behaved they are. You sent them to us clean and in good health. They both have healthy appetites and are so beautiful. Thanks to you and your Rainbow of Persian Cats, we have two beautiful black Persians as members of our family!

Candace Cabbil - Proud Owner of Smoke and Coal


I can't describe the feeling I get every time I look into my new kitties eyes. She is absolutely perfect in every way! I was so excited to get her off the plane and see her for the first time. She arrived in excellent condition, I couldn't ask for more!! It's quite obvious that she was loved and cared for by you in the in the best way possible her first three months of life. She has the sweetest disposition! Every time I enter the room she most beautiful and sweet kitty they have ever seen. I can't wait to get my next kitty from you!! I think the best thing of all that came out of my adopting Tess is that I found a wonderful friend in you! Thank you Julie from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful girl!!

Love, Pam, Jeff and Danielle


I can't tell you how in love I am with Penny (the little black girl) and Garfield (Highlander). Their personalities are unbelievable-because of you. They are more like dogs, but more. They get along with all our animals and both don't leave my side. Of course, they sleep in out bed. You forgot to warn me-they eat like horses! Thank you, thank you-if you need any wonderful things said about you, have any client call me, or I will write a letter for you. Please remember me when the red beauty is for sale-I want that guy!

You are a very special lady. Please keep in touch.

Love, Barb

Dear Julie,

I just wanted to say thank you for letting us buy Figaro. I just wanted to say that you are a wonderful lady, the nicest Breeder lady I ever known you are a kind, and you are always there to help even when you are in a rush. Thank you for Figaro.

Sincerely, Nikki

Dear Julie,

I shared twenty years of my life with a cat that I loved dearly. When she finally died, I didn't know if I would ever be ready for another cat. It has been four years since my cat died. I finally decided I was ready to love another. I searched for a month for the right kitten. When I started, I didn't even know what breed I wanted. After looking at hundreds of websites, I knew I wanted a Persian. I sent emails to many different breeders searching for the perfect friend.

When Julie emailed a picture of a bi-colored kitten to me, I knew I had found a match. I was uncomfortable selecting a long term friend without meeting him in person and I know it was hard for Julie as well. She gave me a lot of details about his personality and was very honest with me in describing what he was like. After sleeping on it, I was 100% certain I wanted him.

I didn't get to meet Julie in person, but she was kind enough to meet the plane to put my new little kitten on there personally so I could safely bring him home. I have had "Gizmo" for a few weeks now and he is EXACTLY the kitten I wanted.

He is so loving, playful, and adorable that I now have two friends trying to get a kitten from Julie. I have many pets and I know that when you buy a pet, there is an element of surprise to what you will get. Gizmo is the healthiest, most well taken care of pet I have ever gotten. He was obviously given a lot of love and attention before he came to live with me. He had big shoes to fill being the second cat in my life, but he is already well on his way to winning my heart! Even my husband thinks he is the cutest creature in the house. We love him so much already! Thanks Julie for being such a professional breeder and taking such good care of your kittens.

Sincerely, Dawn

Hey Juls,

just to give you an update....The flight back was great. Once I arrived to the airport with my new little kitten "Smudge" I was kind of scared because I had to go through customs with a live animal....Well, let me tell you that I had no problem at all, the customs officer looked at Smudges health certificate and paperwork you gave me and all he said was "Its a beautiful cat". It was sure worth the trip. I can not begin to tell you how well adapted she is in her new home. She purrs all the time and loves to chase the dog around. Sometimes I think she would rather hang out with the dog than with my other cat. Just wanted to tell you that after many years of looking for the "perfect pet" I think I have found her....

Thanks for Smudge, thanks for being you and thanks for all the advice.


Dearest Julie,

Thank you so much for Tasia. She has been a delight to us and we enjoy every moment with her. She is so playful (like a kitten) and adjusted so well to us. We love her so dearly. You must have a wonderful system for breeding and selling cats to have produced such a winner for us. Over Thanksgiving all my children and grandchildren were here to visit us and Tasia was so friendly and outgoing we couldn't believe it. She is a PRIZE!

Thanks forever, Kay & Glenn